Over $24K raised in our annual swimming marathon!

Thank you to the following donors who were extraordinarily generous this year and contributed $100 or more to our annual swimming marathon. We couldn’t have done this without your support and we are so thankful to all of our donors.

Abigail Chupp
Agosti family
Akron Plating Company
Andrew Rhamy
Angela Neeley
Ann Ormsby
Baranak family
Barbara Marshall
Beau & Carrie Sloan
Betsy & Jason Barr
Big Tree Fitness
Bill Lowery
Bob & Sonya Nagle
Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs
Carl Shallenberger
Carr Memorial Home
Cervantes, Sandra
Chris Beckner
Chris Romanoski
Clyde & Paula Crabtree
Considine Family Fund
Crabtree family
Dan Sokolov & Family
Daniel & Kyle Harper
Daniel Draiss
Daniel Green
David & Molly Scantling
David Mann
Deb & Rob Kmet
DeBoer family
Deborah Orr
Dylan Paterniti-Ruscin
Earl Miller
Emily & Phil Engle
Emma Moore
Evan Stieger
Evie Schockley
Francia Dannemiller
George Bare
Hotes family
Jacob Coker
Jamie Grigas
Janet Heckman
Janet Pera
Jason & Amanda Greenfield
Jennifer Black
Joe Garro
Joe Grigas
John & Ellen Vollman
John Quernemoen & Patricia Mandyck
Jon Albrecht
Joseph & Anne Raley
Joy Burt
Julie Albrecht
Katherine Alkire
Kurt Schueler
Laurel Celik
Leatha Shockley
Linda Aulino
Lindsay & Matt Young
Marguerite & Scott Tremelin
Maria Cervantes Hunt
Marilyn & Samual Lapides
Mark McCauley
Mary Whitmer
Matt Mezger
Maureen Iero
Max Davis
Megan & Kevin Neeley
Megan Frantz
Melissa Pontius
Michael Brilmyer
Michael family
Michael Hardman
Michael Harris
Michael Makebakken
Michelle Garro
Michelle Wilhelm Gasser
Molly Chelovitz
Monica Early
Nevin Nussbaum
On-Line Productions
Pat Gill
Patty & Rich Dyer
Peter & Katharine Schueler
Phil & Kim Pietrosanti
Rebecca Adamczyk
Rebecca Murray
Reyes Tornos Amilibia
Rob Malone
Sandra Cervantes
Sara Kester-Florin
Sarah Cardille
Sarah Thomarios
Schueler family
Sevald family
Sophie Albrecht
Stacey Rogers
Steve & Cindy Dial
Steve & Laurice Moore
Steve & Louise Marshall
Steven McDonald
Tim Flanagan
Timothy Esson
Toby Alkire
Tricia Saum
Valerie Stutler
West Akron Baseball League (WABL)
Will King
William & Rebecca Considine
William Myers

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